Is it possible to work quietly at home?

Do you know it too, children playing or arguing, noisy neighbors, street noise, someone wants something from you every 5 minutes, the Internet is lame and the stress is written all over your face during every video conference?

Working quietly or making phone calls becomes a feat of strength and unpaid overtime or shortening deadlines become an everyday routine due to inefficient work.

Our solutions – hotel office instead of home office:

  • Quiet location with free parking
  • Public bus connection within 300m walking distance.
  • Spacious rooms 14-30sqm or multi-room apartments with tables, chairs, beds and Internet via WLAN.
  • SAT-TV with HDMI input / USB stick can be used as an additional monitor.
  • Fully equipped communal kitchens / apartment kitchens for coffee, tea and meal preparation.
  • Covered beds for power napping or optional overnight stay.
  • Rooms / apartments with private bathrooms or inexpensive rooms with shared bathrooms.
  • Meeting room bookable
  • Terraces for smoking
  • Dogs allowed.

Prices for single use

1 day
35€* / 1 person

4 days (Mon-Fri)
130€* / 1 person

16 days (Mon-Fri)
450€* / 1 person

Optional overnight stay
+10€* / per day

700€*/ per month / 1 person

Month incl. Overnight stay
800€*/ per month / 1 person

Additional person
+5€* / per day

Room with private bathroom
10 €*/day

*all prices excl. 7% VAT

Note: Only paying customers may enter the building.
If the customer remains the same, the room and bed linen will be cleaned once a week.

Reserve a room or arrange a viewing:

Hotel-Pension Schlafpunkt GmbH
Address: Porschestraße 7, 51381 Leverkusen
Phone: +49 (0) 2171 – 74 39 70