General house rules


We are very pleased that you have chosen our house and hope that you will spend a relaxing time with us. To achieve this, we need your cooperation. We have compiled these house rules based on our experience. Please adhere to the house rules.

Reception / Service

If you have any questions, concerns or problems, our employees are available during office hours.

Office hours: Mon-Sat 10:00 -18:00 | Sun and public holidays 12:00 – 16:00

Outside office hours, only emergencies, e.g. accidents, power failures, water ingress, grievances (problems with other guests) are dealt with.

Check-in / Arrival

Arrival / check-in 16:00 –20:00.

Please bring your photo ID/passport and reservation confirmation for check-in.

Checkout / Departure

Departure / check-out: until 11:00 am.

Make sure you have taken all your personal belongings with you, e.g. charger, documents, glasses, keys, food, etc…

The key is inserted into the key box.

For departures later than 11 a.m., please contact the hotel staff at least one day in advance.

Behavior of the guest

Please behave in such a way that other guests and our neighbors are not disturbed,
for example through:

  • Loud conversation or use of loudspeakers.
  • Unsolicited accosting of other guests / harassment.
  • Walking around intoxicated / under the influence of alcohol.
  • Any aggressive behavior. Verbal / Nonverbal
  • Odor nuisance

Volume / quiet times

Any noise disturbance (e.g. music through loudspeakers, conversations with hands-free systems, playing instruments) must be stopped.

The following applies in the room: room volume with closed windows.

From 10.00-7.00 p.m. there is a general night’s rest on the entire site and in all rooms.


Keep your room and surroundings clean. All items brought along will be taken back. All items used in the hotel will be returned to their original location.

The waste must be sorted and disposed of in the appropriate bins.

During your stay at the hotel, we ask you to be environmentally friendly in your use of water, electricity and heating.

Let us know if you find any defective items or if you notice any breaches of the rules.

When leaving rooms, make sure that all lights and electrical appliances are switched off.

Please handle the equipment with care.

Smoking ban

Smoking / e-cigarettes are only permitted in the designated areas. Fire is only permitted for lighting cigarettes.

If it is determined that smoking has taken place in the non-designated areas / e.g. at the window, a special cleaning fee of €200 will be charged. If there is still a smell of smoke in the room after check-out, an additional compensation for loss of use of the rented rooms will be charged for up to 3 days.

If a fire alarm is triggered by unauthorized smoking or the smoke detector has been deliberately tampered with, you will be charged for the resulting costs incurred by the fire department, security service or other persons. All costs are to be paid directly on site.

Narcotics, weapons

Bringing illegal items such as drugs or weapons is strictly prohibited.

Bringing visitors

Persons not booked at the hotel are only permitted to enter the company premises after prior registration at reception. The hotel may also refuse or restrict access.

Exercise of services and subletting

The provision of any services or advertising of services as well as the subletting of rooms is only permitted with the written consent of the hotel management.

Fire protection

All doors, especially smoke protection doors, must remain closed and must not be blocked or wedged open.

The use of electrical appliances is permitted as long as they are not in continuous operation, high heat, high current load, defective or cause fire.

The use of fire is prohibited.

The holding and use of pyrotechnics is prohibited on the entire site

Smoke detectors must always be unobstructed and must not be touched, covered or tampered with.


Hot meals are only prepared in the kitchen or on the barbecue areas.


The bringing of pets requires the prior consent of the hotel. Pets are under the constant supervision of the owner. Animals should be free from infectious diseases and not pose a risk to hotel staff or other hotel guests. Pets are not allowed in common areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Dogs must wear a muzzle and lead.


The Internet access data obtained at reception only runs on one device. It is not possible to change the registration to another device.

Internet access may only be used for legal activities.
File sharing / sharing of copyright material is prohibited. Violations may result in claims for damages and blocking of Internet access.

The use of wifi repeaters and hotspots must not affect or interfere with the hotel network. e.g. by using the same or similar Wi-Fi name (SSID) or the same frequency range.

Corridors and stairs

Corridors and stairs are only used to reach the destination.

Use of the corridors and stairs for other purposes is not permitted.

People going up the stairs have priority.

Valuables / luggage

We would like to point out that we cannot accept any liability for luggage and valuables. The hotel expressly accepts no liability for the loss of valuables (in particular jewelry and cash). The safekeeping of checkrooms, musical instruments, technical equipment and similar items is also the sole responsibility of the guest.

If there has been a break-in or theft, please report it to reception.

Damage, soiling, loss of keys

All furnishings in your room or in the hotel building may be used by you as intended. Please handle the entire furnishings and inventory with care. You undertake to treat the room with care and to ensure that other fellow travelers also comply with these rules.

In the event of damage to or soiling of the building or inventory, or in the event of loss of the key, the damage incurred must be compensated by the person responsible. The cost of losing the hotel key is €100. Compensation payments must be made immediately and in cash (in the case of groups, accompanying persons must make advance payments, possibly on behalf of the organizer).

Theft and willful damage to property will be reported immediately.

Damage that is only discovered by our staff after departure will be treated as damage to property and dealt with accordingly. We will invoice the damage incurred.


For longer stays, the rooms are cleaned weekly on Fridays and the towels and bed linen are changed.


Drunk guests can be expelled from the house.

The Child and Youth Protection Act applies in all rooms and outdoor areas.

Some areas of our hotel are under video surveillance and marked accordingly. The data protection provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act apply. The guest always has the opportunity to obtain information about the type, scope and duration of the storage of the video recordings and the purposes for which they are made on request at reception or from the management of our hotel.


Hotel employees are entitled to enter the hotel room during the guest’s stay for the purpose of cleaning, carrying out repair work, in the event of a fire alarm (at any time), imminent danger, non-compliance with the house rules.

In order to comply with public order and the house rules, the hotel employees are generally authorized to ban any guest or visitor from the hotel.

Zero tolerance

By booking your stay, you / your accompanying person / company / group leader have already accepted the General Terms and Conditions and House Rules.

In the event of non-compliance with one or more of the hotel’s rules or requests by staff, your accommodation contract will be terminated without notice. The booked services paid for in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions Cancellation Table as well as the final penalty payments and claims for damages will be settled directly on site. If the guest is unwilling to cooperate, the police will be called and the situation will be reported to the police.

Cancellation by the hotel

The hotel is entitled to terminate accommodation contracts (even after occupancy of the room(s)) with immediate effect and, in exercising its domiciliary rights, to expel the guest or group of guests from the hotel if the guest or group of guests harms the reputation, security or standing of the hotel, is suspected of committing criminal offenses or harasses, repeatedly disturbs or endangers other guests, residents, passers-by or neighbors.

In particular, repeated violations by the guest or group of guests of the provisions of these GTC or the house rules posted in the hotel, as well as damage, soiling or theft of hotel property, shall entitle the hotel to terminate the contract immediately. This also applies if the guest uses the hotel room for a purpose other than that agreed. In such cases, the guest may be obliged to pay compensation and to pay for the accommodation already used, as well as to pay for accommodation not yet used in accordance with the cancellation regulations.

House rules – Rooms

The general house rules apply.

Your duty of care:

Please close all windows and doors before leaving the accommodation.

Lights and TV are switched off. Windows and door are closed.

Take your room key with you.


For safety reasons, you are not allowed to lean out of the windows. The windows may only be opened to ventilate the rooms.


Guests are not permitted to connect any electrical appliances, with the exception of hairdryers and electric shavers, telephones, laptops and tablets, to our electricity supply. This applies in particular to appliances with high energy consumption or fire hazards, e.g. kettles, hotplates, irons or electric grills.


Cooking is not permitted in the room, nor is the preparation of odor-intensive food or nicotine-containing products.

House rules – Kitchens

The general house rules apply.

Night rest

Cooking and preparing food is not permitted during the night.


The kitchen is not a lounge.

Dishes are washed, dried and put away again after eating or cooking. The room is cleared and left for other guests.

Do not use hard / sharp objects (metal e.g. knife or fork) on soft surfaces (e.g. wooden table, Teflon pans) to avoid damaging them.

Sort waste into the appropriate containers.

Ventilate the room when roasting.

Fire protection

Food must not be left unattended while cooking.

Deep-frying (1 cm oil layer) is prohibited due to the risk of fire.

Do not try to extinguish burning oil with fire!

Food storage

Please use the shelves and fridge racks allocated to your room to store food and meals.

Food that is open in the kitchen and not in your tray is regularly disposed of by the hotel staff.


At the end of your stay, the contents of your shelves and fridge racks will be disposed of by the hotel staff.

House rules – outdoor facilities

The general house rules apply.

Barbecue areas

Barbecues are only permitted in the designated areas.

Extinguish barbecue ash/coal thoroughly before disposing of it.

Clean your seat.

Parking lot

The general road traffic regulations apply.

Observe right before left.

It is only driven at walking speed.

Vehicles leaving the parking lot have right of way.

Honking is only permitted as a warning signal.

Incorrectly parked or unauthorized vehicles will be towed away for a fee.

It is forbidden to block driveways, fire department entrances and entrances or to park other vehicles.

Parking lot is not a playground.

House rules – washroom

The general house rules apply.

Washing machine

Only use environmentally friendly liquid detergents.

Please do not use powder detergents as they clog the pipes.

Check all items of clothing to be washed for foreign objects (e.g. money, screws or paper) to remove them.

Pay attention to the timer on the washing machine.

After the washing process, empty the washing machine so that it is free for other customers.

House rules – smoking room / balcony

The general house rules apply.

Use of the rooms

Smoking rooms / balconies are functional rooms that should be left after smoking to make room for other guests.

Take your own glasses and bottles back with you.

Cigarette butts may only be disposed of in the ashtrays provided. Any other type of disposal is not permitted.

No events or group meetings.

Observe the maximum number of people